Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing solidifies and fortifies the top, aids in potential to deal with pollutants and discoloration, as well as in general enhances the standard from the concrete floor. Like a bonus, polished concrete flooring can be very beautiful, as evidenced by “industrial chic” design now extremely popular. When Diamond Polish Solutions correctly prepares and polishes a current concrete floor, customers are surprised about the enhanced light reflection and attractiveness.

Scores Bar AfterPolished concrete also resists a myriad of stress and abuse. You’d need to re-apply a clearcoat every six to 12 several weeks and finally replace even epoxy flooring, but concrete sprucing up provides a lengthy-lasting, durable surface.

Diamond Polish Solutions’s design consultants can enhance your flooring with company logos, custom colors, and artwork without losing the natural advantages of polished concrete.

However, not every polished concrete is produced equal. You have to hire contractor who you can rely on using the initial substrate and concrete repair-one that won’t skip steps in order to save a couple of dollars.In case your contractor jumps into sprucing up without correct surface preparation, then you definitely haven’t become your money’s worth. Still do it the very first time.

You will get immediate savings by reducing on maintenance and labor costs and lengthy-term savings by stretching the existence of the flooring by 10 years. Additionally you increase your floor’s potential to deal with water, oils, chemicals along with other potentially harmful substances.

Sheplers McAllen After3Do your flooring take some attention? We’ll make sure they are shine. Listed here are Nine Benefits of Concrete Sprucing up:

  1. Makes flooring harder and more powerful in comparison with other floor finishes
  2. Provides greater abrasion resistance than incomplete concrete
  3. Fights the absorption of oil and pollutants
  4. Resists tire marks from fork trucks along with other traffic
  5. Negates lifting, peeling, or flaking
  6. Minimizes hydrostatic and vapor pressure issues
  7. Requires no cure schedule
  8. Provides a flatter, more level surface
  9. Meets or surpasses OSHA static coefficient friction of .5


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