Surface Prep and Repair

True floor restoration involves a lot more than superficially fixing a couple of blemishes or masking structural issues. Should you reinstate your flooring the proper way the very first time they’ll last for years to come.

Diamond Polish Solutions does expert surface preparation with thorough scarifying, shot raging, and grinding. Diamond Polish Solutions can provide your flooring a brand new lease on existence.

With The Proper Preparation Your Flooring Can Last A Long Time

We’ve our very own equipment, so there isn’t any lag time in the end watch for rental equipment being available. The faster we finish your flooring, the faster your facility is in operation.

Concrete Ablation & Concrete Refinishing Matters

Cracked concrete informs one story, and “healthy” concrete informs another.

Plating Company Kansas City BeforeIn case your lanes, ramps and pathways are just like most, daily deterioration have faster their degeneration. Your flooring need protection and reinforcement before they achieve that tipping point once they can’t be fixed but should be changed.

Our skim coating and epoxy injection techniques will transform cracks, open joints, and spalls. You are able to eliminate these hazards to personnel and reduce materials handling issues.

Summit Industrial Flooring can make better-than-new changes, because of a unique mixture of decorative and application-specific materials. Here are the benefits:

  • More strength than standard concrete
  • Elevated visual appeal with varied designs and grout colors.
  • Elevated slip resistance
  • Elevated resistant against tire marks, rust, oils, and other kinds of stains
  • Elevated potential to deal with weather extremes
  • Minimal down time throughout installation

Enhanced sturdiness and simpler maintenance alllow for ideal concrete repair. Complete the contact page, and that we is going to do an intensive evaluation of the existing flooring.

Timely, Cost-Efficient Floor Maintenance

Proper floor maintenance takes many factors into account: from traffic and temperature changes to mechanical abrasion and harsh chemicals. Additionally, flowing particulate abrasion, ultraviolet sun rays along with other natural forces, and you have an intricate problem to deal with.

Dos Salsas BeforeWe’ll assist you to determine the initial demands of the facility, after which we’ll engineer a custom industrial flooring solution. Do you want surfaces with antimicrobial chemicals to manage the development of fungi, bacteria and infections? Must you minimize hazards from static spark and electrical conductivity?

Let’s evaluate all facets your flooring and using them as your greatest assets. We’ll even provide annual assessments to make sure that your flooring is constantly on the meet Federal and Condition standards.

Do you know that the flooring need repair? Are you currently just getting began and curious about surface preparation? We are able to help – call now.

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